Danhausen rose to fame as an internet sensation, thanks to his interesting character work and his ability to go viral through his various vlogs and videos in general. Danhausen, who is also well known for cursing other AEW performers, recently had a very difficult day. Although his motto is “no swearing,” it seems as though he has plenty of reason to use profanity today.

According to Danhausen’s recent tweet, he went through a series of mishaps as his car was a victim of a hit-and-run car accident. Also, the airport had no parking and the second flight was delayed by three hours, causing them to buy a whole new flight.

“Today Danhausen’s car was hit and runned apparently, airport had no parking, second flight was delayed by 3 hours so had to buy and entirely new flight and get checked bag transferred over to new airline that will hopefully make it.”

The very nice, very evil star signed with AEW in January this year. Since then, he has adopted a humorous, ghoulish character, donning black, red, and white face paint and having the power to “curse” wrestlers.


A recent dark character turn could allow fans to see new side of Danhausen, but he might need to fix his car first. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more info.

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