WWE took a completely different direction with Bray Wyatt’s storyline in the wake of his grant return at Extreme Rules 2022. Wyatt claims he’s struggling to restrain The Fiend, but his psychiatrist seems to suggest otherwise.

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WWE dropped a major storyline tease during Bray Wyatt’s promo on SmackDown this week. The company dropped Bray Wyatt’s psychiatrist’s phone number during the Uncle Howdy promo.

The same number appeared on screen during the second LA Knight segment on the show this week. The masked person who appeared last night on SmackDown was seen this week as well.


Fans who dialed the number heard a voice from the other side. The person on the other side referenced Bray Wyatt’s deteriorating medical condition, implying that he can’t be cure.

“Patient suffers from delusions of Grandeur, perhaps the most extreme incident I’ve encountered, concerns that no regimen of treatment or medication will be able to counter the imbalance of power in the patients psyche, The prone to disorganized thoughts, patterns that communicate a sense of unmatched importance, bouts of isolation seem to have amplified their inner monologue, honestly blocked out any outside voice, in short, the patient would need to think as highly of a medical practitioner as they do themselves, honestly seems to border on the impossible, I’ve become concerned that the patient is such a danger to themselves and anyone they encounter that th- Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? I- Augh-“

WWE has caused a lot of buzz with their latest work on the Bray Wyatt character and storyline. We’ll have to wait to see what’s next in store for the former Universal Champion.

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