Preston Vance aka No. 10 was handpicked by the late Brodie Lee to join The Dark Order. Lee’ son, Brodie Lee Jr., looked up to Preston Vance as well. Tonight, Vance turned his back on the group.

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Preston Vance turned on The Dark Order during the latest episode of AEW Rampage and aligned himself with La Faccion Ingobernable. No. 10 unmasked Evil Uno and put Alex Reynolds through a table as well.

Vance arrived on the ramp, took off his mask and tossed it at Negative 1’s feet. The young boy couldn’t the events that had transpired right before his eyes. Vance celebrated his newfound alliance with RUSH and his group as the show went off the air.

Following the shocking conclusion to AEW Rampage this week, Negative 10 came to Alex Reynold’s aid and helped him walk to the back. Preston Vance, meanwhile, had a tense exchange with Brodie Lee’s wife Amanda Huber on Twitter.

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