When Mia Yim returned to WWE recently, she then became associated with The OC group. Recently, she had a switch her name to Michin, which means crazy in Korean. It seemed that was her new name, but now WWE has backtracked on that a bit.

WWE then updated Mia Yim’s online profile to Minchin. However, that didn’t last long. It seems that WWE reverted her name back to her former moniker.

The Minchin name was dropped and reverted to Mia Yim out of nowhere on her official WWE roster page. Currently, there’s no reason for the change in name.

WWE has a habit of changing names for their talent in the past, only for the individual to revert to the original later on. Recent examples include Austin Theory, LA Knight, Nikki Cross, and Tomasso Champa. Michin will likely still be Mia Yim’s nickname, but her name is staying the same.


Ringside News will keep updates on Yim’s latest change. It would be a surprise if they keep Minchin as a nickname, because it would look very cool on merchandise as well.

What do you think of Yim getting her original name back? Sound off in the comments!

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