After being gone from WWE for nearly a year, Mia Yim made her return to WWE and aligned herself with the AJ Styles-led stable The OC as Minchin and feuding with The Judgement Day. Now she is getting into detail on why she’s back in WWE.

When speaking to Steve Fall’s Ten Count to talk about her return to WWE. Yim explained that Triple H was the reason for her return. She explains that Triple H is easygoing for a boss and the talent she worked with in WWE and NXT coming back is a bonus.

“Triple H. I have a lot of respect for him and when I found out that he took over, he was bringing all my friends back, and it was the right time, right place. Working under him with NXT has been so fun. It’s so easy to talk to him that it was an easy decision for me to come back with him in charge for sure.”

“Ever since day one, since meeting him, he just has that vibe that you can approach him about anything. If something’s going on that you need time off or if you have a creative idea, it’s just so easy to just approach him. I don’t know. It’s his energy. It’s his vibe.”


Triple H being in charge of the main roster is a great reason for many past NXT and WWE stars like Yim returning to the company, With his experience during the early days of NXT, Triple H was able to get everyone over in the brand.

We’ll see who Triple H brings back to the company next. WrestleMania season is around the corner and storylines should be amped up a notch for anyone returning to WWE.

Do you agree with Yim about Triple H being the reason for her return? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

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