Maxwell Jacob Friedman, more commonly known as MJF, is one of the mainstays of All Elite Wrestling. MJF’s amazing in-ring acumen and excellent skills as a heel character has been well acclaimed. However, Maxwell has revealed some disturbing situations that he had to encounter throughout his own pro wrestling journey.

MJF has been candid about his real-life background combined with his on-screen heel persona. This drew some uncomfortable incidents into his life. The Salt of the Earth revealed that he faced situations involving hate speech and vandalism for being Jewish in this pro wrestling industry. MJF spoke about this in an interview with Vulture, and he didn’t hold back.

“When you’re traveling as a professional wrestler and an athlete and you go to these small towns, you’ll hear people scream out ‘kike. You’ll have wrestlers key your cars and think it’s funny to draw a Nazi symbol on your bags.”

MJF further stated that he, at first, did not want to bring these religious issues to the attention of the public eye or wrestling companies. However, these issues were evident.


“It wasn’t cool for me to talk about it,” he continued, stating that he would face dismissive comments from doubters because he is seen as a “a rich white guy. I’m not white to a Klansman. I’m not white to an anti-Semite.”

MJF has been very vocal in calling out anti-Semitism during this year. He came out of his heel AEW persona to recall past anti-Semitic bullying he faced as a child in February. MJF reached the top of the AEW mountain this weekend, defeating Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear.

MJF is regarded as one of the AEW Originals, joining the company during its formation in 2019. He made his debut for the company at its first pay-per-view, Double or Nothing, as a part of the Casino Battle Royale. MJF rose to fame as one of the most beloved heels in the business.

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