MJF became huge star in AEW very quickly, and he has far exceeded expectations. He considers himself a generational talent, and it is hard to argue with that statement now. Maxwell Jacob Friedman also went crazy after AEW Full Gear and bragged about going to a movie set following his AEW World Title win.

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The Salt Of The Earth challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship in the main event of Full Gear. It was a solid match from start to finish, but the ending is what got fans talking.

William Regal turned on Jon Moxley and allowed MJF to defeat Moxley to become the new champion. This move betrayal Wheeler Yuta to drop profanity-heavy tweet on the matter. While speaking prior during the AEW Full Gear press conference, MJF went off the rails and eventually bragged about going to a movie set.


The ship has been steered properly, once again. This belt is now the most important belt in this entire sport, and it’s thanks to three letters. It damn sure ain’t AEW. I know for a motherf*cking’ fact it ain’t MOX. It’s MJF. Goddamn, you people are f*cking dumb. No offense. Are you f*cking stupid? You morons bit on every single word I had to say this past couple of months, huh? ‘I wanna earn it.’ ‘I wanna…’ f*ck that! I deserve it because I’m the best wrestler in the f*cking world. Every single one of you know it. On the microphone, in the ring, nobody can touch me. That’s a fact, nobody is on my level. To think you guys still believed me when I put over this [Tony Khan] motherf*cking. Grow the f*ck up, no offense. Grow up. ‘MJF, what’s going on with you Regal? We’re all really interested.’

You think I’m going to tell you anything. With 70,000 f*cking hardcore marks watching at home, jerking off in their grandma’s basement. You think I give a sh*t? If you want to know anything about the most important man in professional wrestling, you have to tune in to the MJF show, that’s every Wednesday on TBS. You know damn well that it’s destination TV. Here’s what’s going to f*cking happen. I’m going to take a shower, I’m going to get all of Moxley’s disgusting hepatitis A through Z off of me, and then in the morning, I’m going to do what nobody else on the roster does because I’m the only real f*cking star here, I’m going to hop on a jet, and I’m gonna go to my goddamn movie set. Anybody got any questions? Just kidding. Thank you. F*ck you. Bye,

We will have to wait and see what William Regal will have to say after his unexpected betrayal. It seems that he was also confirming that role in The Iron Claw movie that he recently tried to downplay. MJF is now at the top of the food chain and fans couldn’t be happier.

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