Ken Shamrock is one of the first names that come to mind who transitioned from the MMA world to the world of professional wrestling. However, according to the former Intercontinental Champion, former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was a huge fan of his work.

Shamrock claimed that McMahon was a massive fan of his during a recent appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews. He went on to explain that McMahon valued his work and was more like a supporter of him.

“Vince was a huge fan. And I think he became a bigger fan after he kind of saw me work. Because you could be a fan of something and really love somebody and they go in there and they just, you know, they’re horrible. You still love them but, you know, they’re not for you, it’s not gonna work so it goes down a little bit. But with me and Vince, I think once he saw what I could do, I think he became even more of a supporter for me, you know, in pro wrestling.”

Ken Shamrock and former Chairman Vince McMahon got along well while he worked for the Stamford-based company. The World’s Most Dangerous Man also revealed that McMahon treated him properly in the interview.


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Smita Singha Roy

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