MJF has never shied away from voicing his opinion. Earlier this year, when he was feuding with CM Punk, MJF stated that he had suffered from antisemitic treatment for much of his life. Now, he has started firing back at people with antisemitic beliefs.

Over the past several weeks, rapper Kanye West and NBA player Kyrie Irving have made antisemitic remarks against the Jewish community. MJF does not remain silent when it comes to antisemitism. In a recent interview on Pardon My Take ahead of his Full Gear showdown against Jon Moxley, MJF dragged Kanye and Irving for their controversial comments.

“I think Kyrie and Kanye are… interesting,” MJF concedes. “I think their beliefs are interesting, and by interesting, I mean fed up, and if anybody condones it, I think you’re a fing loser.”

He continued, “He was talking about us as if we were scaly little trolls that live under the bridge, when we’re normal, functioning members of society.”

During the same interview, MJF mentioned the lack of discussion around antisemitism. He also noted that recent incidents have brought the topic back into the spotlight. However, only time will tell if bringing the discussion about antisemitism back into the spotlight will help stop antisemitic treatment.

What are your thoughts on MJF’s comments? Let us know.

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