Raquel Rodriguez has proven herself to be a dominant and powerful prospect when it comes to stepping inside the squared circle. Her excellent run back in NXT and slowly rising up the ranks on SmackDown has made her a force to be reckoned with. However, Raquel has undergone a lot of name changes in the WWE, and she has decided to speak about it.

The former NXT Women’s Champion made her debut in 2017 under her real name Victoria Gonzalez at an NXT live event. A few months later, her name was changed by WWE to Reina Gonzalez. The name change factor continued as Victoria was rechristened once again with the name, Raquel Gonzalez.

Raquel Gonzalez continued to work under this name in NXT for nearly two year. However, her call-up to the main roster earlier this year saw her undergo another name change, this time to Raquel Rodriguez. The 31-year old superstar spoke about undergoing some many name changes on Fox 61.

“I think that has a lot to do with just like logistics and, you know, WWE having ownership of the image of Raquel Rodriguez and the name of Raquel Rodriguez. So, that’s really a decision that they’ve made if it was up to, I mean if you go back to my NXT career, I had the name Reina, I had the name Raquel Gonzalez, with my last name, and then now we’re on Raquel Rodriguez which is totally fine because my biggest concern was keeping my Hispanic heritage strong and representation strong,”


Raquel Rodriguez has stated that she was not too mad at the WWE for changing her name so many times. She has been a former NXT Champion in the developmental territory and reigned as one time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion on the main roster alongside fellow SmackDown superstar Aliyah.

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