WWE delivered some stellar matches at Crown Jewel recently. Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns stunned their fans and critics alike. Paul, unfortunately, was injured during the match, but it seems that he wasn’t the only prominent star who suffered an injury at WWE Crown Jewel.

Last weekend’s Crown Jewel’s main event saw Roman Reigns defend the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship against Logan Paul. The Maverick only wrestled two matches before that, yet he excelled.

The matchup also included his ImPAULsive podcast co-hosts, and things didn’t turn out well for them too. Before Logan’s brother Jake Paul arrived and ejected Jimmy and Jey from the ring, the Usos defeated them.

The distractions gave the Tribal Chief time to gather himself, and he used a spear to level the 27-year-old to continue his tyrannical reign as champion. In the most recent episode of the IMPULSIVE podcast, co-host Mike Majlak disclosed that The Usos were responsible for his injuries.

“My jaw came out of place. Everybody’s like, ‘WWE is fake.’ Yeah, why don’t you get f***ing tossed around, bro. I have bruises all over my back; my jaw is out of place.”

Therefore, Mike Majlak was also among those hurt in addition to Logan Paul. What did you think of the match and Crown Jewel as a whole? Keep checking Ringside News for any developments.

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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a student at Calcutta University pursuing B.A.LLB. She made the decision to write for Thirsty & Ringside News since she has a keen interest in world news. From October 27, 2021, Muskan has been writing for Ringside.

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