The Undertaker would always be regarded as one of the greatest legends in the WWE. Furthermore, an important chapter in his storied career was his demonic faction known as the Ministry of Darkness. Now, a former member of his stable, Mideon, disclosed the reason why the gigantic superstar became a part of The Undertaker’s group in 1999.

Viscera made his debut in the WWE as Mabel in 1993 and continued to wrestle for the company until 1996 when he was released. He was known to be a dangerous worker in the ring, injuring various superstars including The Undertaker. Mabel returned to the WWE three years later to join forces with The Deadman.

Viscera was repackaged as a more darker character, acting as the dark giant for the Ministry of Darkness led by the Lord of Darkness himself, The Undertaker. Mideon, who also was a part of the stable, revealed that The Phenom only wanted Viscera to join the faction in order to avoid wrestling him in a match. Mideon revealed this during an interview with Monte & The Pharaoh.

“He got a lot of chances. I loved Nelson [Nelson Frazier Jr., Viscera’s real name]. He was my [tag team] partner for, I don’t know, eight months or something. He was a giant human being, but he was a little reckless sometimes. When ‘Taker was doing The Ministry, ‘Taker was like, ‘We’re gonna bring Viscera in.’ I’m like, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Then we don’t have to work with him.’ I was like, ‘F*cking genius!’


The Undertaker broke his orbital bone during match with Viscera in 1995, putting him out of action. The Deadman began wearing a mask, reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera mask upon making his return to the WWE.

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