Ken Shamrock is one of the OGs of the WWE universe. With a career decorated with numerous championship belts, he wrestled with the elites of that time. Now he has come clean on why he refused to work with Chyna.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man was in an interview with Steve Fall’s Ten Count where he talked about his time in WWE. Back in the day, the company wanted Shamrock to wrestle Chyna for an event, however, he strongly refused. It was due to the values and wisdom he imparted to his kids about never hitting a woman.

Shamrock did not want to set a bad example around them growing up. Even if pro wrestling is entertainment, Ken Shamrock refused to do it because his kids back then believed the bouts to be real. After insisting multiple times to go for the matchup against Chyna, he backed off to not defy his preaching.

“So I just felt like, at that time, after the thing that happened with Bret, they had some other things they wanted me to do like wrestle with Chyna, which is something that I told them, because my kids were five, seven, and nine or something like that at the time, and I had always told them,you don’t hit girls. You know, it was just a thing, right?”


This isn’t the only time Ken Shamrock rejected a WWE pitch. He mentioned that they wanted him to do an incest angle with Alicia, who played his sister, Ryan Shamrock. He sternly repelled the proposition and claims to have given it a shot only if he wasn’t married and had kids.

Ken Shamrock has been absent from the WWE roster for more than 20 years. He was also questioned about the prospect of continuing his relationship with WWE in any manner. A return to the squared circle is probably in the rearview mirror, according to Ken’s initial statement.

The former multi-time champion in WWE set an amazing standard for himself in front of his kids. Not only was he able to impart wisdom to the young ones, but practiced the same to uphold his credibility.

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