Braun Strowman has proven himself to be one of the top-tier talents on the WWE roster. The Monster of all Monsters has been on a path of destructive, most recently seen at WWE Crown Jewel. However, the tweet about his match with Omos broke out into a Twitter brawl and now, former WWE Superstar EC3 has given his take.

Braun Strowman battled the Colossal Omos at WWE’s Crown Jewel premium live event, Crown Jewel in a Clash of the Titans. A hard-fought match between the two behemoths saw Strowman delivering a thunderous Powerslam to Omos to seal the victory. He went on to tweet about the match, calling it a high rated match in reference’s to Dave Meltzer’s popular rating system.

Braun Strowman put over giants like himself and Omos in the tweet, while also taking shot at ‘flippy floppy’ wrestlers, leading to a huge backlash by wrestlers and the fan community.

Former WWE superstar EC3 supported Will Ospreay’s response, stating that Strowman taking shots at other wrestlers made no sense as everyone were making money through wrestlers. EC3 spoke about this on The Wrestling Outlaws.


“I don’t think anybody did anything good in this. Jericho, I mean, I’m always up for standing up for the working man, and we talked about this on the pod with Vince, and Ospreay is pretty funny. It’s a good point why you’re mad about making money, and people are doing the same,”

Braun Strowman and EC3 were known to be close associates forming the upstart promotion ‘Control Your Narrative.’ Despite that, EC3 did not defend The Monster of all Monsters calling his Twitter drama to be dumb” and “idiotic.”

“The tweet’s dumb; the tweet’s idiotic,”

Braun Strowman made his return to the WWE in September 2022 . He was released from his contract back in 2021. Strowman then wrestled on the independent circuit for over a year before his reemergence in the WWE after Triple H took over the reins as Head of Creative from Vince McMahon.

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