Braun Strowman has found himself in hot water lately because he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. He was under fire due to his snide statements about independent wrestlers at the height of the outbreak. Now Braun Strowman, while in the middle of another social media fiasco, claims he is the ‘greatest big man there ever will be.’

Strowman recently took to Twitter to unleash his narcissistic side. He reminded everyone that he is “the greatest big man there ever has been, there ever is, and there ever will be.” Strowman finally bade all his loyal fans a good night.

Aight I’m going to sleep on the is flight. Just let me remind you I am the greatest big man there ever has been there ever is and there ever will be!!!!!!!! If you at me you prove the point. Good night to all my loyal fans and the rest welll GFYS 💋💋💋💋 monster out

The Monster Among Men has been making headlines for the whole day after he took a shot at Dave Meltzer’s rating system. He then proceeded to bash on ‘flippy floppy’ wrestlers, and this led to a lot of backlash. Chris Jericho also trolled Braun Strowman for the same as he chimed in along with others.


Strowman most certainly backtracked after realizing he had gone too far. He couldn’t care less about anything at the moment because WWE has great plans for him. Check out his latest tweet below.

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