New Evolution Pro faced a show crisis at one of their events on November 13th. The show featured some big name talents who were booked for a scheduled match and appearances. However, the promoter proved to be highly unprofessional and left the show in a messy situation.

The New Evolution Pro show featured some of the top-tier wrestling stars of the industry namely, Josh Alexander, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Alberto Del Rio, Naomichi Marufuji and Ultimo Dragon. The talent were told that the event promoter had no money to pay the superstars for their appearances.

Sean Sapp reported behind Figthful’s paywall that the promoter of the show left for the hospital due to a claimed medical emergency, leaving all the money made from autograph signings to be split between the wrestlers scheduled for the show. Josh Alexander had to physically chase him down and count the money to ensure that the fans in attendance got to see NOAH talent and Ultimo Dragon at least.

The event was money was $14k less than what was supposed to be. Despite that, the wrestlers still performed in the 6-man tag team match. The match saw Josh Alexander, Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio battle against Ultimo Dragon, Nakajima and Marufuji. Alberto took the mic and cut promo post match claiming that no one was getting was paid, which was not true. However, Alberto did mean that talent were not getting anywhere near what they were owed.


The goodness of some of the talent saw them signing 8x10s for free in an attempt to help the crowd. It was reported that the NOAH talent in particular were not paid, and the company will have to chase down payment for those wrestlers. Despite such a messy situation, it is being said that Nakajimi, Marufuji and Dragon worked hard for the fans without any payday.

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