Michael Cole is true veteran in WWE, who has been part of the company for over 25 years now. He has been through a lot in WWE, including a time when he was almost bombed in Iraq. Cole finally opened up about that incident recently.

The pro wrestling veteran continues to showcase his skills as a commentator, and fans have finally given him the respect he deserves. Saudi Arabia hosted WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, but it was home to a lot of trouble before the event. This is because the country was on high alert due to warning of an imminent attack by Iran

While speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Michael Cole talked about the supposed threats and made it clear that he was not worried about any threats. He then revealed that he almost got bombed during the Tribute to the Troops shows in Iraq.

“Not at all. There was a threat, but we were in the capital city of Riyadh. We had assurance from a number of different places including the State Department.


In Iraq, we got bombed… We were in the middle of Baghdad and we were actually putting up the ring in the little arena that we had built and they sent three mortar shells our way. So, we got shelled while we’re building the ring. The last mortar landed about 75 feet from where we actually were

We are certainly glad that Michael Cole is still okay doing what he does best. Hopefully, WWE’s events and everyone involved with the company can avoid wartime situations in the years to come. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Cole.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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