WWE announced earlier this year that NXT UK was going on hiatus ahead of NXT Europe’s launch in 2023. This news came as a shock for fans as NXT UK is responsible for producing some of the company’s top stars over the years. Superstars such as Butch, Ilja Dragunov, and current Intercontinental Champion Gunther all came from NXT UK. That being said, it was time to move on from the concept.

Gunther who was a force to be reckoned with in NXT UK gave his thoughts on the brand’s closing during an appearance on Steve Fall’s Ten Count. He said that he isn’t sad about it because it is a natural progression. He also said that he was very excited about NXT Europe.

“I got to be honest. No, I wasn’t really sad. I think it was a natural progression. I think it was great that it lasted through the pandemic. It was very difficult to do.”

“Everybody put the work in to make it as good as possible, but for me, even when I started in NXT UK, I was always thinking it would be Europe-wide because at some point, a lot of the key players in NXT were not from the UK. They were European. We had a bunch of Europeans that did really well. So I always wanted that progression to happen. I’m really excited for it.”


NXT UK will always be remembered for Gunther’s record reign as NXT UK Champion where he held the belt for 870 days. Now that WWE is moving towards NXT Europe, it will be interesting to see which European wrestlers will be involved in the show.

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Sunil Joseph

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