Triple H gained massive fame after co-founding the iconic D-Generation X stable alongside Shawn Michaels, becoming one of WWE’s biggest assets during the Attitude Era. Naturally, HBK needed to protect that spot.

Vince Russo, the head writer for WWE at the time, contributed immensely to the formation of DX and Triple H”s success. Recently, Russo recalled a moment from the Attitude Era he saw Triple H’s ego act up.

Vince Russo recently opened up on the Wrestling Outlaw podcast, where he looked back to the time when Triple H refused to lose to D’Lo Brown during the Attitude Era. He added that it was the first and only time he saw the selfish side of The Game.

“I got hot at Triple H one time because he wouldn’t return a favor and do a job to D’Lo Brown. And I basically said to him, ‘Are you freaking kidding me bro? All the times he has laid down for you, you’re not gonna return the favor?’ That was the one and only time when I saw a selfish side of Triple H. I don’t know the Triple H with power. So, it’s hard for me to say,”


Since taking up his new role as Chief Content Officer, Triple H has only taken the company upwards with his creative control. One of his most recent experiments, “The White Rabbit Project” was success, raising viewership up by 33%. It seems Triple H taking the helms from VInce McMahon is what’s best for business.

The 14-time World Champion is not only known for his wrestling skills, but also being a very good businessman. Triple H created WWE NXT, the company’s developmental brand, which has seen great success. WWE promoted him to Chief Content Officer following Vince McMahon’s resignation in July.

Do you feel WWE has gotten better under Triple H ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below !

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