Bobby Lashley dominated Brock Lesnar for the most part during their second singles televised meeting at the Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia. Lesnar, somehow, managed to grab the win and that enraged The Almighty, who put The Beast in a Hurt Lock after the decisive bell.

On the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, Bobby Lashley talked about his frustrations with the outcome of the match. The former United States Champion said Lesnar disrespected him with personal digs and that he got what he deserved at Crown Jewel. Lashley also reveals the idea for an insane matchup with The Best that might conclude their rivalry.

“I’ve never disrespected this man (Brock Lesnar) before, but then he comes in the ring and tries to disrespect me. He’s making it personal. And if he makes it personal … okay, we fight at a different level. That’s why at Crown Jewel, I didn’t care about winning the match. I wanted to kick his a**, and I wanted to let him know that I don’t appreciate what he’s been doing this entire time.

“He’s been making it personal the entire time. And if you make it personal, that’s a street fight. So, the next time we fight, I don’t think it should even be in the ring. I think we should fight outside. I think we should let someone grab a camera and meet us out on the street and see us beat each other down.”


As seen on Raw this past Monday, Lashley brought out a vicious side to his personality by completely destroying Mustafa Ali and Seth Rollins. The Almighty cost Austin Theory his Money in the Bank opportunity against Rollins as well. We’ll have to wait to see what WWE has in store for the Lashley-Lesnar feud.

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Manik Aftab

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