Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley kicked off WWE Crown Jewel. Before the match, Lashley sent Lesnar down the steel steps, which caused Lesnar to favor his knee. Lesnar was speared in the ring and through the ringside barricade by Lashley. After the third spear, Lashley attempted a pin, but Lesnar kicked out.

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Lesnar still favored his knee, but he was able to pull off German suplexes and the F5. The Beast Incarnate turned things around, but Lashley kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Lashley jumped on another F5 attempt before clotheslining Lesnar out of the ring. Then Lashley slammed Lesnar into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Lashley delivered a spinebuster followed by The Hurt Lock. Lesnar was able to gain access to the ropes. He pushed off while Lashley was holding him, but Lesnar came out on top, and the referee counted and declared Lesnar the winner. After the match, Lashley placed Lesnar in the Hurt Lock.


Bobby, unable to accept the loss, as he stormed outside, filled with rage. Bryon Saxton stopped Bobby to question him about the match. Bobby was not ready to speak, but Bryon managed to calm him down. Bryon asked, “I know you are upset…You are unhappy with how the match ended.”

But I gotta ask why did you attack Brock Lesnar after the match.

Bobby replied by saying, “Why I attack him? Because man, I was ready to go to war. I was ready to die out there.” He went on to further vent his rage after his Crown Jewel match.

This is not a tomorrow for me, this is not a day after tomorrow. This is now. That was the biggest challenge I had beating Brock Lesnar…that’s what people have been talking about for years and I went out there and failed. That’s what you want to hear? That’s what you want me to tell you? I failed. That’s what happened. I failed.

Bobby then went on a rant about what he should do now. He asked Bryon whether he should “quit, give up.” He asked him again, twice, “What do I do?” He spoke as though he had lost all hope.

That was a match that I was supposed to win and then now what?

This must have been a really important match for Bobby. Let us see if he gives up or returns stronger. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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