The Trustbusters have been heavily pushed by Tony Khan, despite most fans grievances with the group. Despite all the pushback, Khan has been staunch supporter of the stable. Tony entrusted Ari Daivari to spearhead the group when he brought Daivari to AEW full-time. Recently, Daivari spoke about how initial plans for his character were scrapped in favor of this new role.

Daivari is the leader of The Trustbusters group which consists of Slim J, Parker Boudreaux, Sonny Kiss, Slim J, and Jeeves Kay. The group debuted on AEW Dark before moving up to ROH Death Before Dishonor and finally making it to AEW.

Daivari recently appeared on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast and discussed the early periods of his AEW tenure. When Daivari got his first opportunity with the company, it wasn’t really a full-time thing. He appeared on AEW Dark multiple times, partnering with Invictus Khash. Daivari at the time felt that the team was clicking.

If some people remember, on a few episodes of AEW Dark I was wrestling with another guy named Invictus Khash. Very good wrestler, he’s a fellow Persian man, just like me. We kind of got put together randomly as a tag team and we were doing a couple Darks together, and it was going great.”


Daivari said that Khan wasn’t really feeling him and Khash. Daivari said the day when he and Khash had finally gotten matching gear for their tag team, he noticed that he was randomly paired with Slim J.

But apparently, Tony [Khan] wasn’t really feeling that for me and I showed up one day and I found out that I’m tagging with a guy named Slim J. I said, ‘Okay. That’s interesting’ and that day, me and Khash actually had matching gear because we tagged a few times together, we finally went and got matching gear. Like, all right, we’re gonna be a tag team, let’s do this for real, and I showed up, and I said, ‘Slim J? Where have I heard that name before?’ And I was like, all right, whatever, and then he comes up to me. He’s like, ‘Hey, I’m Slim.

Daivari later spoke about Khan approaching him some time later. It was there that he found himself in a conversation that would change the trajectory of his AEW career and ultimately lead to a full-time spot in the company.

“Tony shows up later and I kind of talked to him a little bit, and he just lays this whole idea on the line for me of the Trustbusters, and Parker Boudreaux, and he has ideas for other members, which turned out to be Sonny Kiss, and BSK, and it all just kind of happened one day,”

Daivari was in the 25-Man Golden Ticket Battle Royale for a shot at the AEW World Championship. Unfortunately, he was eliminated after getting hit by a superkick from Penta El Zero Miedo. We’ll have to see what’s next for the Truthbusters, but they are apparently going to maintain a presence on AEW television.

Do you dig Daivari leading the Trustbusters or would you have liked to see him alongside Khash ? Let us know in the comments below !

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