Natalya is true veteran in the world of professional wrestling. Her technical excellence inside the ring never fails to impress fans. She recently displayed a horrific photo with a broken nose after Shayna Baszler decimated her. Nattie has now given an update on her injury.

Natalya recently took to Twitter to leave a positive update on her nose injury. She informed her fans that they moved her dislocated nose to the center of her face “where it belongs.” Natalya is relieved that her nose will remain the same because she loves its shape.

We moved my dislocated nose back to the center of my face where it belongs!! I love the shape of my nose and it will stay the same, thank goodness! Can finally breathe again🙏 Pain is beauty! LFG! 😂

Natalya and Baszler were set to square off on WWE SmackDown this week. Even though Baszler defeated Natalya, Rousey wasn’t satisfied and convinced Baszler to assault her former tag team partner as soon as the match was over.


Natalya then went to her Twitter account and posted her gruesome photo with blood all over her nose to show off that broken nose. We hope that she recovers soon and makes her in-ring return. Take a look at Natalya’s latest tweet below.

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