NWA EmPowerrr was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event held on August 28th, 2021, by the National Wrestling Alliance. It’s been nearly year since NWA held EmPowerrr. It is an all-women’s wrestling event that takes place as part of the NWA’s 73rd Anniversary weekend in August 2021. Since it ended, many people have been wondering when the NWA will hold a second edition of the event. 

The event has yet to reappear, and NWA President Billy Corgan has been chastised by several wrestlers for its absence. Those detractors include Women’s Wrestling Project founder and AEW star Maria Kanellis-Bennett for some of his claims about why a second EmPowerr hasn’t occurred. The Smashing Pumpkins singer was asked about EmPowerrr 2 during an appearance on The Ten Count.

While Billy Corgan appeared more open to the idea of another EmPowerrr than he has in the past, he reiterated several reasons why he is not interested in running the event again at this time.

“I’m really intrigued by the interest in EmPowerrr. We continue to want to do it. We continue to have discussions with other companies about working together to create a fresh EmPowerrr event. When you create a world-class event like EmPowerrr, and it was a world-class event, we’ve set a very high standard of what you should expect. Of course, there are plenty of great professional women’s wrestlers in the world.


“Can they wrestle the NWA style? Can they carry a three hour PPV? Can they move the pace of women’s wrestling, not just in wrestling, but in terms of international media forward? These are my concerns.”

“Everyone has their own version of it. That’s my version of it, and that’s why I’m still on it. Until we can provide a world class event with some of the best [female] pro wrestlers in the world, then we won’t do it.”

Billy’s statements will undoubtedly put him on fire. Shazza Mckenzie was clearly offended by what he said and turned to Twitter to voice her disapproval. “This isn’t a real question in 2022. Women have proved this time and time again,” she wrote.

Seems like Billy Corgan is in a bit of trouble over his comment. Let’s see how he handles this. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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