Billy Corgan is multifaceted phenomenon with a solid reputation in the many industries, including pro wrestling. In fact, Corgan even gained more attention as the NWA’s owner. Now, Billy Corgan claimed that he had received a purchase offer for ROH and was open to negotiations with WWE if they wanted to talk.

Billy Corgan spoke with Steve Fall of NBC Sports about the upcoming NWA Hard Times 3 on November 12th. Corgan was questioned on the potential partnership between WWE and the NWA and whether we would see the NWA logo below WWE on Peacock.

“I’ve had no discussions along that end. All my comments were in reference to having had those discussions before when Triple H was in power and then whatever happened when he was out of power for a while. Now he’s come back. So I know why people made hay with that. That’s cool. But I have not had any recent discussions. I have channels through there and of course, I have friends in the company. I only want the best for that company, as I want the best for everybody in the business. So you know if they call I’m interested, but no, it’s nothing active for sure.”

Corgan was questioned about Tony Khan’s potential purchase of the NWA. Corgan answered with a resounding, “no.” Even more, he clarified that they did not ever have a discussion on purchasing NWA.


“No. Never had those discussions. Ring of Honor was offered for sale to me as well. I don’t know where I was in the pecking order. I got the feeling I wasn’t first, but I certainly wasn’t last. I did consider it. It’s an interesting thing to think about, like, similar to what Tony did, you know, create a brand that runs alongside your main brand and maybe there’s a synergy there that can happen.”

Corgan was even given the opportunity to buy Ring of Honors, and he even considered their offer. What do you think of Billy’s potential, though? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Ringside News for more developments.

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