The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Iran was preparing for possible attack in Saudi Arabia and Erbil, Iraq, where American forces are stationed. As a result, the Saudi government issued a “high alert” warning to the United States. WWE Crown Jewel proceeded without incident despite the security worries and previous problems

WWE maintained optimism that everything would be alright and proceeded with the event with “security protocols and emergency contingencies in place.” According to PW Insider, the tense saga came to a conclusion when WWE Crown Jewel occurred as scheduled and WWE talent was able to exit the nation of Saudi Arabia without incident.

It was also added that some reserved private transportation while others flew back to the United States in groups, indicating layovers in “Paris or London.” WWE has experienced problems getting to and from Saudi Arabia in the past.

WWE talent’s return to the United States after the 2019 Crown Jewel event was delayed because of alleged mechanical problems with their trip with Atlas Air. As a result, the following WWE SmackDown was managed by a skeleton staff. Still, some say that Saudi Arabia held them “hostage,” because of a disagreement with Vince McMahon.


WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich added to the confusion by claiming that the flight was truly delayed because of money concerns. Savinovich claimed to have learned from a person with direct knowledge of the matter that WWE had not been paid for two events it held in the kingdom.

Later, WWE told Forbes it had no financial connection to the plane problems. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has since visited Saudi Arabia for three events, with a break between February 2020 and October 2021. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

It’s good to know that WWE Superstars and staff are making their way back to the USA after another trip to Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, they will get some rest after a couple grueling days of travel. For the latest updates, keep checking back with Ringside News.

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