Braun Strowman put lot of effort into obtaining the exceptional physique he currently has. Fans will be startled to learn about Braun Strowman’s extreme diet and workout routine he has to maintain that peak physical WWE form.

Since his comeback to the company in September, Braun Strowman has maintained an extraordinary level of fitness. He just revealed the crazy diet and exercise routine he does to keep himself in such outstanding physical shape.

Strowman underwent a tremendous physical metamorphosis over the last three years. The Monster of All Monsters said that he shed close to 45 pounds when speaking to TMZ approximately a year ago. He is undoubtedly in the greatest form of his life and is as ripped as ever.

Strowman described his unusual food strategy in an interview with WWE Alan, which involves getting up at six in the morning and eating 20 egg whites for breakfast. During the talk, he also went into detail about the other meals he had.


“[The secret is] just work, consistency, waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning every day doing an hour of cardio. I eat 20 egg whites and 4 cups of oatmeal for breakfast and then I go to train at the gym for around two-three hours. Then I usually like eating sushi for my post-workout meal. I have 50 pieces of tuna sashimi and 4 bowls of rice. And then every about two and a half- three hours, I eat between 10 oz and 12 oz of cooked beef, chicken, and fish, and between a 150 and 400 gm of rice.”

It seems like Braun never makes any compromises with his demanding schedule. However, What’s your take on Strowman’s diet? Let us know in the comments. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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