After months of being unsatisfied with Corgan’s creative direction, it seems that Former NWA Champion Nick Aldis has finally had enough of NWA. In an Instagram subscriber video released earlier tonight, Aldis announced to his fans that he has given his notice to the National Wrestling Alliance.

Although he has given his notice to the company, Aldis’ contract with the promotion is still valid until January 2023. That means two more months of putting up with Billy Corgan’s creative direction. For now, Aldis is set to face Odinson in singles matchs at next week’s NWA Hard Times 3 PPV.

Nick Aldis’s decision to leave the company isn’t really shocking as he was quite unhappy with NWA for a really long time, often speaking out against Corgan’s creative direction. As reported back in July there were ongoing issues between Corgan and Aldis. The sour relationship between them resulted in Aldis being pulled from the scheduled main event of the NWA 74 PPV.

Aldis has been critical of the creative direction for the NWA, which is 100% Corgan’s vision at this point, and that led to a breakdown.  Another source stated that there was “magma level” heat towards Aldis for promoting himself above the NWA and for his constantly speaking out regarding Corgan’s creative decisions.


Aldis joined the wrestling promotion in 2017, sometime before Corgan took over the company. Aldis made it clear in his announcement earlier tonight that he was unhappy with NWA and the direction that Corgan was leading the company. As his contract expires in January 2023, there’s no telling what his future plans may be. Just a reminder that Aldis once passed up on an offer from AEW in order to remain loyal to NWA.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

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