Jon Moxley decided sticking around WWE was no longer serving him and made his exit in 2019 once his contract was up. That same year he made his AEW debut and has since spent his time cementing himself as the top guy in AEW. Some feel that Moxley doesn’t receive due credit for his commitment to his new-found home.

Early October saw Moxley sign a 5-years contract extension with AEW, which will keep him in the company for at least five more years. This move demonstrated his loyalty and commitment to the company.

Moxley is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers to grace the AEW ring. He has been very well received by colleagues and fans all over. Another voice has come out in support of Moxley’s work. WWE & TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently spoke on his Kurt Angle Show podcast about what makes Moxley special

“I think he’s doing great. I think he is one of the most underrated wrestlers, definitely. I think he’s solid. I think he does everything incredibly well. I don’t see much of a transformation from Dean Ambrose to Jon Moxley. It seems like he’s still him. He has that attitude. He never took that away from himself, that’s what makes him special. That arrogant, cocky look is what makes him who he is.”


Since stepping foot in AEW, 3-time AEW World Champion Moxley has accomplished a lot for himself. It was not long ago that he secured the AEW World Championship once again, defeating Bryan Danielson to win the title vacated by CM Punk following the All-Out media scrum fiasco. Moxley is set to defend his title against challenger MJF at Full Gear on November 19.

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