Jake Paul emerged as one of the most well-known names in the professional boxing world. Since Jake’s brother Logan Paul joined WWE, fans wondered when Jake would make an appearance. After a stellar Crown Jewel event, fans want to know when Jake Paul will be back.

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During the WWE Crown Jewel press conference, Jake stated that he wanted to work more closely with his brother Logan in WWE in the future and that he was interested in taking on Roman Reigns directly. He also warned The Bloodlines to not mess with the siblings. Afterward, The Problem Child had a big threat to lay down. “Imma make The Bloodline bleed their own blood tomorrow,” Jake Paul said. “Stop playing with us. When you mess with the Paul brothers… you will fall, brothers.”

According to PW Insider, although no specific plans are in place at this time, both WWE and Jake are very interested in taking action when the time is right. Jake played things up exactly as you’d anticipate the Paul brothers to do at a post-Crown Jewel media event.


While there are no current concrete plans, there is a lot of interest on both sides to do something when the time is right.

The Problem Child truly lived up to his moniker as he caused complete and utter chaos during the Crown Jewel press conference. Jake Paul criticized Paul Heyman during the press conference for casting doubt on his ability to defeat Anderson Silva. It’ll be surely interesting to witness his future in WWE.

Meanwhile, Fans are eager to learn whether Jake will make additional WWE appearances. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get the latest updates.

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