WWE Crown Jewel is set to take place tomorrow at the Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The premium live event will be headlined by Logan Paul taking on the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. However, Sami Zayn’s absence did not sit well with the Saudi audience.

Sami Zayn is not appearing at the Crown Jewel event. This was confirmed during the WWE Crown Jewel press conference. As Roman and Logan had a verbal back and forth, they were joined by their blood at the end of the conference.

Jake Paul came out first, declaring to be in The Maverick’s corner followed by The Bloodline members joining the Tribal Chief with the exception of Sami Zayn. This led to the WWE Universe in Saudi Arabia chant for the Honorary Uce, leading to Reigns silencing the crowd.

The crowd in Saudi Arabia chanted, “We want Sami!” loudly, because the Honorary Uce wasn’t there. Then Roman Reigns said, “You don’t deserve Sami,” before he left with his stable.


Sami Zayn is a Syrian Muslim and his charity named Sami for Syria helps the people in terms of medical accessibility. As it known, Saudi Arabia and Syria are far from okay with each other and that reason was enough for Sami Zayn to not appear on the show. Still, the fans in Saudi Arabia certainly didn’t seem to care about all that, because they just wanted to see is Sami was feeling “ucey.”

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