AJ Styles is known to have a close bond with his OC teammates, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They have been known to be close friends for many years and have amazing comradery appearing together on-screen. However, an interesting fact to know is that Styles use to ride together with Gallows and Anderson from town to town.

At one point, Gallows and Anderson were reportedly unhappy with their position in the WWE, struggling to receive any significant television time or relevant storylines. AJ Styles on the other hand was striving in the world title picture and was at the top of his game.

The OC members were so frustrated that they no longer wanted to travel with the Phenomenal One. Anderson appeared on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast in 2019 to explain why he and Gallows left the shows early without their friend AJ Styles.

“We were miserable. [Styles] would want to ride with us but we would kind of blow him off. We blew him off purposely because we didn’t want him to listen to us complain. Because every ride – I don’t know if it was healthy or unhealthy – but every ride we were riding, we were pissed.”


Styles would later appear on the podcast as well, alongside Anderson and Gallows. Although he was disappointed with his friends over their decision, AJ understood that they did not want to bring him down.

“I mean, I get it and I can understand where they were coming from because I was doing well, and they weren’t. At the same time, their excuse was that they were in the first part of the show, and I was in the main event, so they would say that they were going to get to the hotel first. That was their excuse.”

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson recently made their return to the WWE on the night after WWE Extreme Rules. Both OC members were released in 2020 right after WrestleMania 36 due to budget cuts. They reunited with AJ Styles upon their return to feud with the members of The Judgment Day. We’ll have to see what happens this time around, and how much they enjoy their time in WWE this round.

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