Maria Kanellis’ initial run in WWE saw her enter a storyline with Santino Marella for a while, until she eventually worked with other stars such as John Cena. She and her husband Mike Bennett were let go by WWE couple of years ago as part of the budget cuts. In fact, she actually suffered a lot at the hands of WWE fans as well.

Maria Kanellis would eventually make her return to WWE in 2017 alongside her husband. Unfortunately for them, their stint in WWE was not memorable at all, and they were let go.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett both held the 24/7 Championship while the former was pregnant. Speaking to Steve Fall on Ten Count, Maria Kanellis revealed how she was harassed by fans when she took time off during pregnancy.

“During that time when I was having so many problems of like getting into the mode of motherhood, and like seeing all the comments of like, ‘oh your husband is just this and you’re just that and how dare you have a kid!’ and saying things about my daughter. She was like a couple days old and I’m getting like death threats… It’s like, come on people, it’s wrestling, and there’s plenty of other talented people out there that can fulfill that need for you. It’s just right now, I gotta take some time for me and my family.” 


Maria Kanellis is currently part of the AEW family alongside her husband. We will have to wait and see how they will be booked in the coming weeks. Odds are she isn’t looking toward a WWE return any time soon.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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