Ethan Page is most recognized for his work in Impact Wrestling, and later AEW. Thanks to his engaging vlogs, Page even established a solid presence on YouTube. Now Ethan Page revealed that he has ended his well-liked vlog series, ‘Fake Name No Gimmicks.’

In recent years, vlogs in professional wrestling have become the norm. The Young Bucks, the primary creators and members of All Elite Wrestling, popularized the craze with their 2016 television series Being The Elite, which they created while competing for New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Since then, a lot of wrestlers have adopted a similar strategy by grabbing their cameras and capturing the unique aspects of their careers. One vlog series, though, has been absent in recent months. “Fake Name No Gimmicks” V-log was a show that ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page had been routinely uploading to YouTube every Wednesday for more than three years.

In May, he declared the termination of the show. The last episode of Fake Name No Gimmicks begins just like the others: Page addressed the camera from his hotel room before filming the activities he took part in that week, which included the AEW Rampage episode on May 6th and a performance at Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling.


Page spoke about the reasons he was stopping his cherished vlog. Page began his farewell to the series by saying, “The ‘Fake Name No Gimmicks’ series, the backstage vlog, it kind of has reached the end of its course.” Page said that Fake Name No Gimmicks was no longer meeting his criteria for content.

The previous several Fake Name No Gimmicks vlogs, according to Page, “have been really uninspired and, kind of in my opinion, forced.” Page claimed that he had been feeling this way for a while and that he couldn’t keep making videos that he didn’t support.

As he revealed his plans to devote more of his attention to his Toy Hunt Vlog series, Page was eager to reassure all of his fans that this did not signify the end of his vlogging generally. He pledged, “I am committing fully to doing one ‘Toy Hunt’ a week, with extra videos that will end up on the channel regularly.”

The AEW star made it plain that the Fake Name No Gimmicks series would always hold a special place in his heart. He and his other wrestlers go to toy stores seeking action figures, comic books, and other memorabilia in the Toy Hunt Vlogs, which have grown rather successful in their own right.

The final vlog states that Page considers the series to be “one of the proudest things of my career,” which is impressive coming from the 15-year veteran. For further updates stay tuned to Ringside News.

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