Booker T spent most of his life in the wrestling industry. He is also one of the most decorated wrestlers in WCW history. Booker T recently said that he is happy with the current Black representation in WWE.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer has great success in the professional wrestling business. He is ecstatic to see Black athletes like Bianca Belair dominate the landscape.

The five-time WCW Champion discussed the present Black representation in an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast. Booker T explained why he thinks there used to be little Black representation in the industry.

One thing about wrestling I think back then, the reason why we did not gravitate to it was because we didn’t see anyone like us that looked like us that was working at the top level. So, now, hopefully, I gave a little bit of an inspiration to young people, Blacks, people of color, who want to try to get into wrestling.


That’s why I look at someone like Bianca Belair and I say, ‘Man, she’s money. She’s money all day.’ When I look at Carmelo Hayes, I say, ‘Let’s put the rocket on this boy, man,’ because he could be looking down saying, ‘Look, I’m on top of the world, mom. All I need is a chance and an opportunity,’ but more importantly, he’s got the talent to be able to do it.

Booker T highlighted how the likes of Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, and Junkyard Dog, among others, paved the way for Black superstars like himself. Obviously, Booker T has been a part of a lot of historic moments, and he can’t wait to watch history continue to unfold.

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