Booker T spent most of his life in the wrestling industry, and he is also one of the most decorated wrestlers in WCW history. Back in the day, he turned down the offer to join the iconic stable, nWo. Kevin Nash recently revealed why Booker T did that.

On the latest episode of “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash talked about how Booker T’s name came up during the early days of the NWO. Nash then revealed why the WWE Hall of Famer declined the faction’s offer.

I remember when we asked Booker T to join the NWO, he said ‘F*ck no, man. You guys work too much.’

Booker would eventually joined NWO in the faction’s later versions after WWE acquired WCW. Last year, Booker T spoke about the NWO’s invitation on his own podcast, but provided different reasons for not joining the group initially.


It was just something that I did not want to be a part of. I didn’t want to be, you know, in the mix with a bunch of different guys, coming out to that one [song]. Sure, you know, being a part of a group like that, you gotta change the way you work, the way you act.

It’s worth noting that Booker T has voiced his criticism of the legendary faction’s theme song several times in the past. Whether he disliked the group’s song more or hated the idea of working harder still remains unknown. Hopefully, he will address Nash’s comments in the future.

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