There is major speculation throughout the pro wrestling world about The Rock’s return to the WWE at WrestleMania 39. The Great One is rumored to battle his cousin, Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Show of Shows. This could potentially be one of the biggest WrestleMania matches of all time.

The Rock was not able to make it to this year’s WrestleMania due to his packed Hollywood schedule. With the Superbowl of wrestling scheduled to take place under the bright lights of Hollywood, there is a bigger possibility for the People’s champion to return to action inside the squared circle next year.

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz gave his opinion on The Rock’s return to WrestleMania for a mega showdown. Gewirtz spoke about it at NBC Sports Boston with Steve Fall. He now works hands-on with The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions, so Gerwirtz has first-hand knowledge about The Great One.

“I have no idea. I really don’t. All I know is if and when Rock, Dwayne, you know, comes back to WWE, the bar he always sets, and wrote about it in the book, you see it in and all those projects, and Black Adam, which we just at a screening for, it’s like, the expectation level is so high, and this audience first mentality that is very, very real, it needs to match it, and it needs to be something gigantic, and something not just like, oh, that’s a nice attraction, or that’s a main event in any arena across the country kind of thing. But like truly meaningful, impactful, ground shaking, paradigm shifting, gigantic you know.


Whether or not that manifests itself in a WrestleMania main event, you know, the fan in me would love to see it if it’s the right circumstance and everything. But, I don’t know. He certainly has a lot of stuff going on between this gigantic movie coming out in October, our Tales from the Territory show.

Plus in February, oh, he’s not doing anything in February, so I got an internet report at one point saying ‘Oh, the Rock is not shooting any movies in February.’ Like no, I don’t know if he is or not, but he is launching with Danny a gigantic Football League. So that might take some time too because, you know, Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia, Hiram Garcia, like no one at Seven Bucks is of the ilk of like, all right, it’s got my name on it. We’re not Krusty the Clown, like yep, put our logo on it and our face on it and let me know how it does.”

The Rock’s last wrestling match went down at WrestleMania 32 as he defeated Erick Rowan in an impromptu match, setting the record for the fastest match in WrestleMania history at 6 seconds. He has also wrestled legends like John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan at the grandest stage of them all.

A match with Roman Reigns could add yet another blockbuster showdown to his list of high-profile matches at WrestleMania. Keep checking back with Ringside News, because we’ll let you know as soon as anything moves in that direction.

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