Logan Paul astounded fans with his impressive athleticism during his SummerSlam match against The Miz. Many people praised The Maverick for his dedication to professional wrestling as well. It turns out that his punch might pack a lot of heat in the squared circle as well.

Paul’s ‘one lucky shot’ theory holds more significance than previously considered. The YouTube superstar reportedly has “steel pins” implanted in his hands, as a concerned Paul Heyman talked about on WWE SmackDown. This information makes Paul’s showdown with Roman Reigns much more interesting.

“My Tribal Chief, I was in Synagogue and I was sitting next to a doctor who [revealed] (…) that Logan Paul once broke his hand and Logan Paul has steel pins inserted in the hands that he throws that knock-out punch with.”

Like Jake Paul’s incident, the assertion is viewed by many as ridiculous. The boxer also claims to have a camera installed on his left arm, however, YouTuber CallMeMing refuted his assertions.


It might be true that Logan Paul does indeed have steel screws in his fist. Paul took to Twitter to reveal in a podcast that on one night in Hamburg, Germany, the YouTuber reportedly broke his hand. The mishap is said to have happened when he attempted to punch a punching machine but instead hit a wall.

“So in hospital after my surgery, which went well by the way, I now have a 40mm screw in the center of my hand and after months of physical therapy I can make a fist now so it looks like I’ll be boxing again.”

Logan Paul was pictured with an arm cast after the incident. His future projects were hindered by this as he had just finished a huge fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Paul may not have steel inside his hands, but the fact that a boxing champion didn’t knock him out shows that he has athletic potential. On SmackDown, The Maverick recently defeated Jey Uso with a single punch.

Do you think Paul really has steel implanted in his hands? Please let us know in the comments below!

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