This has been a tough week for WWE NXT star Bodhi Hayward. The Chase University member was abruptly fired in the midst of a running storyline can be a tough pill for anyone to swallow.

Brady Booker (AKA Bodhi Hayward) recently put out a video message for his fans on Twitter following his release from WWE NXT. In the video, he can be seen rocking a Coors hat, expressing his feelings after getting sacked.

“What up Brodies, it’s your boy, Bodhi Hayward … Brady Booker. Here to tell you that I was just released from the WWE. I’m hurt. I’m embarrassed. And Brodies, I’m just down bad. For the last 18 months, Andre Chase University and wrestling has been my whole life. I’m no stranger to adversity. Adversity has been something that has come up my whole life, and I’ve found a way to get on top. I will do it again. I’m Brady Booker, and I’m here to stay.”

It was a surprise to see Bodhi Hayward chucked out of the company at such short notice, especially after 18 months of seeing him on the screen week after week. But there have been reports that he was such handful to work with, which ultimately led to his release.


It’s worthy to note that it wasn’t just Hayward who was axed from WWE NXT. 5 WWE NXT stars were released in total. Our thoughts are with everyone who lost their jobs today, but hopefully they will all bounce back like Brady Booker.

What do you think’s next for Brady Booker ? Sound off in the comments below.

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