Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an incredibly adaptable personality who energized the entertainment industry. Recently, The Rock revealed that he has a family connection to the James Bond franchise.

With his blockbuster film “Black Adam,” Dwayne Johnson may be starting new franchise. He only has one-degree-of-separation connection to the longest-running current franchise in film history. Johnson mentioned a connection to the James Bond series in an interview with LADbible TV to promote his new movie.

“You know, my grandfather was in ‘You Only Live Twice’. He was he was a bad guy in ‘You Only Live Twice.’ He had this amazing fighting with Sean Connery.”

High Chief Peter Maivia was the driver of the evil Osato in the movie. The Rock’s grandpa was repeatedly struck with a sofa before he was killed when a statue crushed his head.


Maivia’s sole appearance in a major motion picture was in “You Only Live Twice,” and he also served as an uncredited stunt coordinator for the film. Johnson laughed when he was asked if he would think about taking on the role of a Bond villain in a future 007 saga.

“A Bond villain? I see myself as James Bond. F*ck the villain.”

“I do like the idea of my boy Idris Elba being Bond. I like that idea a lot, so I’m going to advocate for that.”

Johnson asserted that “it can happen” despite the fact that no American actor has ever portrayed the role of James Bond in the franchise’s 70-year existence and mentioned the transatlantic hiring of British actor Henry Cavill as Superman as evidence. Johnson, however, was considering another Briton to play Bond. For further updates stay tuned to Ringside.

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