WWE programming has seen Mark Long, the star of MTV’s “The Challenge,” make a few cameos in recent memory. According to the MTV star, those moments happen without any planning as they are spur-of-the-moment instances.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Long stated that the only reason he continues attending WWE events is to show his support for his longtime friend Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Long recounted, “Last year I went to a Monday Night “Raw” locally in Orlando.” He then further explained,

“And he totally engaged me, pointed at me and it went on TV. And then from then on it exploded. I mean, the WWE site was like, ‘This must be a collision course between Mark and Sheamus.'”

Long also noted that although WWE.com participated, no plans were made to capitalize on the moment. He also cited his friendships with The Miz, a former WWE Champion, and Grayson Waller, a “NXT” star, as a starting point.


“Everyone thought WWE had me there as a plan in terms of some sort of storyline in the future. So a bunch of wrestling sites did stories about it. So at that moment I feel like that was when I was like, ‘Wow, I think I could really have a go in this world.'”

Long found himself actually cutting a promo on Sheamus at a WWE Live Event at Madison Square Garden, which Sheamus saw and responded to. This was not his first time he had words with Sheamus. Cutting that promo, in Long’s opinion, “fed the allure” of his potential entry into the professional wrestling industry.

“I went down to Miami again for a Monday Night “Raw.” I actually was checking into a hotel behind Sheamus, and he turned to me and noticed me. And he was like, ‘Mark Long.’ And I was like, ‘Sheamus.’ And he goes, ‘Wow, you’re bigger than I thought you were.’ And I was like, “Oh.” So we actually ended up exchanging numbers. We went out that night after “Raw,” became good friends.”

The last time Long made an appearance on a WWE broadcast was at WrestleMania, when Long was watching The Miz betray Logan Paul after their tag team match from the front row. Long is adamant that the allure is there, even though he hasn’t made any firm plans with WWE.

Long recently made an appearance with Grayson Waller on WWE NXT and mentioned that Long said that “it’s all building to something” and mentioned that “it’s all building to something.” He’s unsure if it will be a wrestling appearance, but he does have a fantasy.

“In a perfect world, I executive produce a show on Paramount called The Challenge: All Stars.”

Currently, Long’s obligations go beyond his sporadic appearances in the WWE spotlight. Long will face Noah Kekoa, formerly known as Kona Reeves in WWE NXT on November 6th, at Boca Raton Championship Wrestling’s November Knockdown. Stay tuned to Ringside News for further updates.

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