WWE might look back on RAW Underground and Retribution as two of its biggest creative failures. However, in a recent statement, EC3 criticized WWE’s administration of the on-screen angles and even claimed that they had stolen his ideas.

RAW Underground and Retribution, according to EC3, were straight stolen from his earlier Control Your Narrative videos. The shocking claim was made by the former RAW star on The Wrestling Outlaws.

“The two things they stole from Control Your Narrative and my little video! Like, pull back in time and watch my original Control Your Narrative, my original little narrative, and watch RAW Underground and watch RETRIBUTION,” revealed EC3. “A bunch of guys in hoods, walking around, real tough, causing mayhem. Where did I see that before? Oh yeah, Control Your Narrative on YouTube.”

After exiting WWE in 2020, EC3 co-founded Control Your Narrative. His Fight Club-inspired wrestling concept garnered a lot of interest from the online audience, but it was also widely panned.


WWE intended to make Retribution a successful act and introduced the faction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shane McMahon’s RAW Underground launched around the same time when USA Network was looking for new storylines to increase its audience. Only time will tell if EC3 ever gets his flowers for those two failed ideas.

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Smita Singha Roy

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