Braun Strowman’s release from WWE earlier last year puzzled many, as he was seen as a proper star back then. He went on to compete in Control Your Narrative, but not much after that. He also made a huge claim about his upcoming match against Omos after making his WWE return.

The Monster Among Monsters finally made his WWE return, and he got right back to business. For the past couple of weeks, Strowman has been feuding with Omos and MVP.

A match between the Strowman and Omos was then made official for WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th. Braun Strowman took to his Instagram and claimed that the match will be as historic as Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant.

A fight fit for literal kings!! There is no where on earth you can see anything like this. There’s has never been a monumental event like this in history idk ever. The only thing that can compare is hogan vs Andre. And we’ll that is a match that has been and will be talked about till time decides to stand still. But the time for me now to carve my name in history is upon me. Time to make a moment that will stand the ties of time and when I’m am old f*** and broken. I can look back and say you see kids. This is where I changed our fqmily our history and the way the whole f****** world looks at us. Nothing in my life and any of my family’s life has come easy. And we are all fine of that. Cause we know the sacrifices it takes to achieve greatness. again when the your good at what you do being at what yiu don. Not one mother f***** can stop you.


We will have to wait and see whether Braun Strowman will be able to defeat Omos or not. For now, it seems he has the greater advantage. Only time will tell how history remembers this upcoming monstrous match.

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