Kayla Braxton is often known for speaking her mind whether it’s on TV or when engaging with fans online. She is known to hit back at people who try to troll her. However, she encountered a harsh person offline this time.

Recently, Kayla Braxton took to Twitter to narrate an incident that took place with her Uber driver. She even went as far as to call her the “rudest driver.” According to Kayla Braxton, the driver said that she would make her get out of the car because she didn’t say hi.

“Hey @Uber – just had the rudest driver who told me she was gonna make me get out of her car because I didn’t say hi when I got into her car. Mind you – she didn’t say hi either. It’s 7 am, I’ve been up since 3 am to catch a flight and my preferences are set to “quiet.” I’m livid.”

Fans had a field that with this tweet with many fans poking fun at the driver’s hairstyle. One fan even commented, “Look at that haircut you where in for a bad day with her smh, do better Uber.” However, Kayla Braxton jumped to the driver’s defense by asking fans not to attack her appearance.


“Guys – do not attack her appearance or her hair. That has nothing to do with this. I quite like her hair. But her attitude is [poop emoji].”

There were still some fans who criticized Kayla Braxton for exposing this driver, so others can avoid her ride. She addressed this in an update, where she revealed that the driver rolled down her window and hurled several profanities at her after dropping her off at her location.

“Update on my rider situation since a lot of u are blaming me for my reaction. I didnt feel safe at all.When we got to my location, she rolled down her window and hurled several profanities my way. But sure, make me the problem for publicly exposing her so others avoid her ride.”

Many fans reacted to Kayla Braxton’s tweet positively. One fan even wished that she never experience a terrible situation like that again. We certainly hope that Uber catches wind of what happened and starts an investigation so that it never happens again.

Have you encountered a similar situation like this while taking an Uber ride? Sound off in the comments section.

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