At NXT Halloween Havoc, Wes Lee shocked the world when he climbed up the ladder and grabbed the NXT North American Title. Although Wes Lee previously won tag team gold, this was his first singles title in his career.

Wes Lee recently appeared on the Getting Over Program where he spoke about the title win, He said that it was a weird process as nothing feels real until it happens. He further added that all the hard work he had put in over the year was finally paying off.

“It’s a weird process where nothing really feels real until it happens. Things happen throughout life that prevent you from getting to the end goal that is said to be the end goal. I’m very blessed that everything worked out and I became the North American Champion and the hard work and perseverance that I had to endure, it paid off. That feel good story of hard work paying off. This is 100% proof of it.”

During the same interview, Wes Lee discussed his difficult time as a singles wrestler before becoming a tag team specialist. He also stated that he understands what he is capable of now, and he has learned from his past.


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Sunil Joseph

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