Veer Mahaan recently made a comeback to NXT. The two have been developing an alliance. WWE Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels portrays Veer and Sanga as classy guys in NXT in an effort to steer clear of wrestling clichés.

The two titans of the wrestling world have reunited on WWE’s third brand after working together as Indus Sher in the past. As he frequently gives guidance to others, Sanga has been portrayed on NXT as a type of guru.

Veer’s character has changed significantly since he made his comeback from the powerful monster fans saw during his reign on WWE Raw. Both men wear suits on NXT TV, but Veer was a classic foreign heel during his stint on Raw. Prior to NXT Halloween Havoc, Michaels lauded the team and praised Sanga’s intelligence during media teleconference.

He said that rather than depending on the usual monstrous villain viewers are used to seeing, the NXT team sought to present him in a new way by emphasizing his endearing personality. He said that when Veer moved to NXT, they used the same strategy.


I guess the main roster took Veer and had certain plans for him. We had Sanga down here and when you get to know him, he is an amazing, intelligent, bright man. What we were putting him on television doing is who he is. We found that to be captivating because he’s a huge man, but he’s charming as all get out. We were like, ‘Let’s just do that.’ How long have we done the ‘he’s angry and beats everybody up.’ It appeared that what they were doing with Veer, so when the opportunity came that he was coming back to NXT, we just didn’t want to do that. Whatever they call ‘wrestling tropes,’ I’m of the cloth that if you’re not changing and evolving, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards. They are both such clean, classy, sharp, really nice guys. We wanted to present them that way. They’re really classy and we thought, ‘let’s do that and present them as who they are.’ I’m not going to give you the whole skinny on what we’re doing, but I think we have something pretty cool and fun, but we wanted it to come in the package that it currently is, which is who they are.

Michaels also spoke about NXT’s emphasis on talent development. Veer and Sanga are both well-bred gentlemen, as Michaels stressed, and he wanted to play up that aspect of their personalities. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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