Ring Of Honor announced in October 2021 that the company would be going on hiatus for the first quarter of 2022. As a result, several wrestlers on the promotion’s roster left for free agency, and Roxanne Perez was one of them. Cora Jade recently revealed she texted Perez when the ROH shutdown was announced.

Jade spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp ahead of NXT Halloween Havoc on October 22 and talked about the ROH shutdown. Jade stated that she sent her old friend text the day ROH announced shutdown.

I texted her that day [ROH went on hiatus]. We started talking and, to our luck, what we planned in our head even years ago, before I even got here, we talked about this.

That day, I was like, ‘it’s time to make our plan come to life.’ Luckily, I was at her tryout and helped at her tryout. I was there helping because I wanted her there so bad. ‘Please let me help at this tryout. She’s coming. She’s mine, she’s my partner.’ It was great to be there and see her. She’s great.


Jade and Perez might be rivals on-screen, but the two share a special friendship bond that goes back to their days before WWE. Jade signed a contract with WWE in January 2021. Perez was part of the December 2021 WWE tryouts.

Perez, who performed under the ring name “Rok-C” on ROH, was officially signed by WWE in March 2022. She made her WWE debut on the April 15 episode of NXT Level Up, where she defeated Sloane Jacobs. She made her first NXT appearance on April 19 by defeating Jacy Jayne.

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