Naomi has been absent from WWE programming ever since she walked out of the company a few months ago, along with Sasha Banks. She was one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions at the time as well. Since then, WWE has moved on and crowned new Tag Champs, while Naomi has showed no signs of returning to the WWE.

Recently, Naomi shared a video highlighting some of her favorite moments over the years. She even admitted that a lot has changed since then. One fan pointed out that Shayna Baszler tired to pick a fight with her as they were trying to get on a plane. Naomi then replied to the fan admitting that she always needed to watch her back when Shayna Baszler was around.

“I always have to watch my back when @QoSBaszler is around”

Shayna Baszler was quick to respond to the former Women’s Champion reminding her that she must always be ready to throwdown.



Although absent from WWE programming, Naomi has made a couple of public appearances. Recently Naomi and Sasha Banks were models for New York Fashion Week. However, we will have to wait and see if Naomi will consider returning to the WWE.

Check out the tweets here:

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