Athena and Jody Threat’s match on AEW Dark basically went off the rails last week and the fans took notice. Now the management of AEW had to get involved with the issue between the two.

According to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, the two women were approached after the match to make sure everything was fine. There was no confrontation between Athena and Threat after the match was done. Threat had no complaints about the match and she is trying to avoid backstage politics.

Those close to Athena indicated that each woman were approached by management after the match, to make sure everything was okay. One source familiar with the situation believed that should have been an opportunity to lead by example as oppose to letting it devolve. Those close to Athena believed that this was the way the match was going to go because of her having to switch to the heel role due to Jody’s babyface reaction. We didn’t hear of any confrontation or anything of the sort between the two women after the match.

It was reiterated to us that not everything that is being micro-analyzed on social media was a result of this situation.


We’re told that Jody Threat herself didn’t complain about how the match went, and hasn’t spoke on the match, the situation or indicated anything out of the normal publicly. All we’ve heard from her side of things is that she’s not big on all the attention that emanates from situations such as these, and generally tries to keep her head down to avoid political aspects of wrestling.

Fightful reached out to Jody Threat, as well as reps for Athena, but haven’t heard back directly. 

We’ll see what happens next involving Athena, She’s been up and down ever since joining AEW earlier this year. If anything, this got her the wrong kind of press.

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Andre Porter

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