This week, AEW Dynamite went head-to-head with WWE NXT. Dynamite came out on top, winning the ratings war this week with 752,000 viewers to NXT’s 676,000 viewers. In the key 18-49 demographic, Dynamite came out ahead again with 339,000 viewers to 235,000 viewers. However, some shocking details were revealed about those numbers.

WWE NXT started off this week’s show with 752,000 viewers, and they ended up with 676,000 on average. It seems that although AEW Dynamite started strong with over 1 million viewers at the start of the show, those numbers declined considerably as the show progressed.

According to data from Wrestlenomics, at the start of the second half of the show, those numbers for AEW dropped to 645,000. By the time AEW Dynamite went off-air, the show had only 651,000 viewers, which is a sizeable drop in viewership compared to the start.

The numbers don’t look promising in the key 18-40 demographic as well. This demographic started with 427,000 viewers at the start of the show. However, that number dropped 313,000 at the start of the second hour before finishing with 300,000 viewers by the time the show closed.


Although the exact reason for the drop is unknown, it coincides with a spike in viewers for the NBA and MLB games which indicates a correlation. You can check out the graphic below to see a full breakdown.

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Sunil Joseph

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